September Oxonbox

In our first Oxonbox, we brought you 5 beautiful products to help you stretch out the last days of summer. Enjoy floral and citrus scents combined with some indulgent treats to combat the back to school feeling.

FEATURING New Ground Coffee, LA-EVA ROSĒUM Face and Body Wash, Neve's Bees Sweet Grapefruit Lip Balm, Gatineau Brownies, Bampton House Primrose Lane Candle

  • october Oxonbox

    This month's Oxonbox had a spooky Halloween theme with some fun, bold designs as well as luxurious and eco-friendly products. 

    FEATURING Cranston Pickles Chilli Jam, Non Plastic Beach Boll**ks to Cling Film, Chocolate Utopia Halloween Bar, Chameleon and Co Enamel Pin, The Oxford Soap Company Jasmine Soap